Abdelaziz Onkoud


Abdelaziz Onkoud was born in Azemmour, Morocco on November 30, 1972. He is an International Master of the game of chess (2006), International Master of chess composition (2013), FIDE Master of solving chess problems (2015) and a FIDE International Judge (2011).

Album FIDE 1998-2018  :    56 points.

2 noms IM  for Solving.

He has composed over 3381 problems, over 1284 of which received Awards (Stats : 13/08/2020). He has proposed many themes in chess problems , some of which bear his name ( JT Onkoud 40 (Onkoud 1), Compass (Boussole) , Rope (Azemmour 4 theme , Corde) , King Vs Rooks (Onkoud 2) , Onkoud-St Germain  , « Brochettes » (Azemmour 5 theme) , Azemmour 6 theme , Azemmour 7 theme … ). In 2001, he created the chess problem magazine Problemaz.


He founded maroc-echecs.com and organized chess problems tournaments including Morocco Chess competitions and the traditional tournament at the FIDE congress of chess composition that bears the name of his hometown: Azemmour.


Tournois de Problèmes  d’Echecs : 1997-2019.


Articles & Thèmes


Abdelaziz Onkoud
Pat a Mat 2010
2° Prix

h‡2   2 solutions   (6+10) C+

1.Rd6 Tç5 2.R×ç5 Cé4‡
1.Ré5 Ff4+ 2.R×f4 Cd3‡
Thème du Jubilé Onkoud 40
Onkoud 1 theme : In one phase, a white piece A pins 
a black piece C, while the white piece B is captured. 
In another phase, the white piece B pins the black piece C 
on a different axis, while the piece A is captured.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
40 JT Marche Verte 2016 
Dédié à Andrey Selivanov
3° Prix

h‡2,5    2 solutions (6+13) C+
1…Fa4 2.T×b4 Fd7 3.T×d4 Ff5‡
1…Tb1 2.F×ç2 Th1 3.F×d3 Th4‡

Rope theme (Azemmour 4 theme) : (Belgrade 2016)
In a phase, all the white moves are played 
by a same piece of kind A and all the black moves 
by a same piece of kind B. 
In another phase, all the white moves are played 
by a same piece of kind B and all the black moves 
by a same piece of kind A. The idea may be cyclic.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Nunspeet 2018
4° Place

h‡2   4 solutions  (9+12) C+
1.Tf1 R×é6 2.T×f5 F×f5‡
1.Fç3 R×ç5 2.F×d4+ T×d4‡
1.b×ç4 f×é6+ 2.R×d4 é3‡
1.C×g6 d×ç5+ 2.R×f5 é4‡
La Boussole blanche et noire.

Compass theme:
By Abdelaziz Onkoud
Let's consider the Following idea: The black King and two pieces
alternatively occupy two squares X and Y in a 4-solution
helpmate in two. The distribution of the occupation of the two
squares X and Y may take several possible cardinal directions 
and it is helpful to use a compass to identify in which
geographic zone the occupations are made by the black King
and the black pieces. At first examination , there are four 
possible directions.
1-Are you from the north , East , South or West ?
Tell me what you compose , I'll tell you where you come from!
Form 1 -North
Form 2- East
Form 3- South
Form 4- West

2-As we are in an open world.Relations between the 4 directions 
are possible.Tell e what you compose.
I Will tell you what kind of relationship you prefer!
Form 5- North -East
Form 6- North-South.
Form 7- North-West.
Form 8- East-South
Form 9- East-West.
Form 10- South-West.

3- Are you for a 3 ways relationship? Or relationships from all
directions? Tell me what you compose, I will tell if you are a great power! 
Form 11- North -East-South. 
Form 12- North-East-West.
Form 13- North-South-West.
Form 14- East-South-West.
Form 15- North-East-South-West.


Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Suomen Tehtäväniekat 2009-10
3° Mention d'Honneur

h2#          2  solutions              (5+6)  C+

Brochette theme (Azemmour 5 theme)  : (Dresde 2017)
By Abdelaziz Onkoud
In all the phases in 2 moves or more, 
all the moves of a same side are made 
by different pieces, and of different natures. 
And all the nth moves are made by the same piece. 
Alias: Skewer theme


All form

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Sachmatija 2014
2° Prix

h‡2,5  2 solutions  (5+13) C+
1…Cé5 2.R×é6 C×ç6+ 3.Rf7 Té7‡
1…Fé5 2.R×é4 F×d4+ 3.Rf3 Té3‡

Onkoud 2 theme: Two Rooks of the same color are
captured by the opposing King after the line between 
them is closed:
- by the pieces of the same color (Forms I and VI) 
- by the pieces of opposite color (Forms II and VII) 
- by the pieces of both colors (Forms III and VIII)  
- by the same piece (Forms IV, V, IX and X) 

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
StrateGems 2016
1° Prix

h‡3    2 solutions   (9+7) C+
1.F×f7+ R×h7 2.Fh5 Tf6 3.F×é2 Cgé3‡
1.T×h6+ R×g7 2.Tf6 Fh5 3.T×f2 Cçé3‡
Line opening by the king:
By Abdelaziz Onkoud
 Here is an elegant idea that can be realized in many forms. 
The openings of white or black lines by the white or
 black King, combined with other themes and ideas, 
can lead to very good achievements. 

Here are the different theoretical forms:  

Form I-  The black King opens a line of a black piece. 
Form II - The black King opens a line of a white piece. 
Form III- The white King opens a line of a white piece. 
Form IV- The white King opens a line of a black piece. 
Form V–(1+2) 
Form VI-(1+3) 
Form VII-(1+4) 
Form VIII-(2+3) 
Form IX-(2+4) 
Form X-(3+4) 
Form XI-(1+2+3) 
Form XII-(1+2+4)
Form XIII-(1+3+4)   
Form XIV-(2+3+4) 
Form XV-(1+2+3+4)  
Abdelaziz ONKOUD
L'Italia Scacchistica 2009-10
1° Prix

h‡3   2 solutions  (4+11) C+

1.C×d5 R×d5 2.Rb4 Fa7 3.Tb3 Fç5‡
1.C×b6 R×b6 2.Rç4 T×é5 3.Db3 Tç5‡

Play to the square initially occupied by the king
By Abdelzaiz Onkoud 

Play to the square initially occupied
by the King is a very elegant idea. 
The idea is also conducive to
combinations with well-known themes and ideas. 
Summarizing with a few
simple examples will not do justice here. 
There are so many examples
that this idea has developed a variety 
of shapes which deserve to be

Type 1 – Play of the black piece to
the square initially occupied by the black King 
Type 2 - Play of the white piece to the
square initially occupied by the black King 
Type 3 - Play of the white piece to the
square initially occupied by the white King 
Type 4 - Play of the black piece to the
square initially occupied by the white King 
Type 5 – (Type 1 + Type 2) 
Type 6 – (Type 1 + Type 3) 
Type 7 – (Type 1 + Type 4) 
Type 8 – (Type 2 + Type 3) 
Type 9 – (Type 2 + Type 4) 
Type 10 –(Type 3 + Type 4)   


Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Scacco! 1995
3° Prix

h‡2   2 solutions   (6+10) C+
1.Rf4 g×h5 2.Cé7 Tg4‡
1.Rf6 T×h5 2.Cf4 g5‡
Onkoud-St German theme:
Exchange of indirect unpins of two white figures 
by two black pieces.

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Mémorial M. Gafarov-70 2016
Prix spécial

h#5,5            ( 10+10) C+

1…Ta5 2.b×a5 b4 3.a×b4 Fç2 
4.d×ç2 Cé2 5.f×é2+ R×é2 6.Rg2 Da8‡

Azemmour 6 theme: (Ohrid 2018) 
In the helpmate (h#1-6.5), six pieces of different kinds
 (K, Q, R, B, S, and P) make exactly one move in one solution 
or in different solutions. Thematic pieces can be white, black, or both colors. Theme of the 6th Azemmour thematic tournament (2018).


Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Mémorial M. Gafarov-70 2016
2° Prix

h‡2,5                                            (2+13) C+
4 solutions

1…Tb4 2.Th1 T×b6 3.Th7 Tb8‡
1…Tç4 2.Fç2 T×ç6 3.Fh7 Tç8‡
1…Td4 2.Dd3 T×d6 3.Dh7 Td8‡
1…Té4 2.Th3 T×é6 3.Th7 Té8‡

Azemmour 7 theme: ( Vilnius 2019)
In each phase, only two pieces play, 
one white and one black. 
Several special cases can be distinguished. 
If the same piece of some side plays in all phases, 
such case is called White or Black Monopoly. 
If pieces of some side are different in all phases, 
such case is called White or Black Anti-monopoly. 
Mixed forms are also possible. 
At least two phases and two moves are required.






Awards 10° Tourney Maroc Echecs 2020

10° Tourney Maroc Échecs 2020 Section A- 2# : Judge Franz Pachl.20/10/2020.(Award Final 20/10/2020).Award Preliminary 10° Maroc Echecs 2020 2 movers Judge Franz Pachl Section B- 3# : Judge Mike Prcic. 28/12/2020 (Award final 28/12/2021)  http://onkoud.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Award-10°-Maroc-Echecs-2020-Section-3-moves.pdf Section C- 4-10# : Judge Ralf Kraetschmer. 16/09/2020.. http://onkoud.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Award-10°-Maroc-Echecs-2020-Section-n-moves.pdf Section D- Study : Judge Helmut Waelzel. 27/12/2020 (Award final 27/01/2021)    …

Award JT Abdelaziz Onkoud 45

Award JT Abdelaziz Onkoud 45 2018-19 Mats aidés 2-n coups Minsk , 02 novembre 2019 Theme imposed  : in each move , play in same square. Participants : Bilokin Yuri:45* ;Caillaud Michel:20,44 ;Csak János:4,5,16,17 ;Gurgui Dan-Constantin:13,18 ; Kapros Jorge :8*,9*,10*,11*,12* ;Labai Zoltán:42,43 ;Lois Jorge :8*,9*,10*,11*,12* ; Medintsev Vitaly :1,2,3 ;Navon Emanuel:48,49 ;Semenenko Valery:41* ;Shorokhov Boris:41* ;Spitsyn Alexandre :14,15 ;Tar Gábor:6,7 ;Ugnivenko Olexy:23*,24*,25*,26*,27*,28*,29*,30*,31*,32*,33*,34*,35*,36*,37*,38*,39*,40*,50*,51 ; Vasilev Stanislav:45* ;Witztum Menachem:21, 22,46,47  & Zalokotsky Roman:23*,24*,25*,26*,27*,28*,29*,30*,31*,32*,33*,34*,35*,36*,37*,38*,39*,40*,50*,52. …

Awards 9° Tourney Maroc Echecs 2019

Award  section B: h2,5-3  by Valery Kirillov. Award 9° Maroc Echecs section b 2019 Award final : 23/08/2019. Award section C: h2,5-3  by Boris Shorokhov. Award 9° Maroc Echecs 2019 section C Award final : 16/09/2019. Award section B: h2  by Valery Gurov. Award 9° Maroc Echecs section A 2019 Award final : 04/10/2019.