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Award 4°Maroc Echecs : section mats en 2 coups.
Award définitif 09 décembre 2014
mardi 9 septembre 2014
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
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 4th Maroc Echecs 2014
 Section ≠2
 By Valerio Agostini

23 Problems have been submitted to this Tourmey. The quality of the entries has been “average” : some of them have been excluded from the award due to obvious flaws ; others due to anti-economical settings, sign of lack of accuracy in the construction (for instance, in No. 20 Pd2 and Qd1 can be replaced by a Bishop ; moreover, moving Ph3 in g4 you can save Ph2 ; etc.). In the case of No. 16, the B-twin does not have a solution (1. Qc4 ?, 0-0 !) since castling is still allowed.

Based on the above comments, here is my ranking that, as usual, is very much a matter of personal tastes and, as such, questionable “by definition” !

ABDULLAEV Suleyman A4* ; DE GRANDI Carlo A7, A8, A9 ; DELOBEL Bernard A16, A17, A18 ; DYACHUK Vasil A19* ; KARAMANITS Anatoly A21* ; KOZHAKIN Vladimir A22, A23 ; LABAI Zoltán A14, A15 ; MURASHOV Pavel A1 ; ONKOUD Abdelaziz A10 ; PANKRATIEV Alexandre A20 ; SAYMAN UMUT Kaan A6 ; SEMENENKO Alexandre A21* ; SHANSHIN Valery A3 ; SVITEK Miroslav A11, A12, A13 ; TOUVRON Fabrice A2 and ZAMANOV Vidadi A4*, A5, A19*.

Award 4° Maroc Echecs : mats en 2 coups.

Après un délai de 3 mois , les resulats seront définitifs : 09/12 2014